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Watch: Sampa The Great is a voice for change

"I'm going to learn more about myself and where I come from and love myself more"

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Musicians, like so many people in the public eye, appear to live the dream life but so many of them come from environments not unlike our own, as ‘normal’ people. This fact can often be lost on young fans who might not automatically recognise similarities between themselves and their idols, besides the desire to make it in whichever glamourised industry they’re in. Mushroom Group are hoping to bridge this gap with a profound new film project for the Victorian government, titled Voice for Change, which explores the humble beginnings and continued motivations of some of our local heroes.

Voice for Change is already four episodes deep, with the latest mini-doco featuring one of our personal favourites, rapper Sampa The Great. In the film, Sampa opens up about overcoming the perceived hurdles of being an African female navigating Australian hip-hop – a scene in which she has quickly become one of the strongest and most unique artists. Watch the doco above to get to know Sampa a little bit more and maybe check out the previous stories from Diafrix, Majak Daw, and Urthboy while you’re at it.

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