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Weekly updates

Back for part two, STASHED TV have released the second instalment of their Sessions Oxymoron interview with Schoolboy Q. Starting off on the topic of single ‘Hands On The Wheel’ and how sick of it he is, he shrugs it off admitting he’s happy to give the people what they want.

Chatting about labelmate Kendrick Lamar  he discusses the pressures of being the second ‘typically less talented’ artist, refusing to ride on anyone’s coat-tails and the pressures to prove yourself: “most rappers you hear, the second artist from the camp I guess you can say…like I’m the second artist about to drop a major album. You know most of the rappers that have the rapper homie, the rapper homie is usually just alright. Or he got the deal because he was his homie or whatever but it wasn’t the case with me”.

Click play above to hear more from the opinionated rapper including his hatred for Instagram videos. Still no word on Oxymoron‘s release date.

If you missed part one you can watch it here.

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