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Beyonce loves Beyonce almost as much as I love Beyonce. And that’s a lot. Hence, Beyonce will soon release a self-directed feature length documentary about herself.

For most people, no-one would give a shit if they released a doco on themselves, but seeing as Bey is the world’s fave big-booty diva and is married to music mogul Jay-Z, this should pull in some high ratings. Set to premiere on HBO on February 16th, 2013, the doco looks like it will certainly fill that Beyonce-shaped hole in my heart with the teaser promising that all will be “RAW, REAL, REVEALED”. If you’re paying attention, the super short teaser even includes some footage of Bey exposing her famous baby bump. Did you catch that conspiracy theorists? Watch the trailer above and step into the golden world of Beyonce for 26 seconds.