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Sometimes people just do things because they can, so last Wednesday Stephen Colbert took over a public access television show called, Only in Monroe, which usually covers local news and events in Monroe County, Michigan. Instead, Stephen mixes things up by interviewing the show’s regular hosts, performing some of his famous satirical news and interviewing Michigan native, Eminem.

During the 20 minute interview Eminem and Colbert clash about a number of topics, including retirement plans and who Marshall Mathers actually is. The interview is classic Colbert, he asks all the important questions like, “Are you more political or booty rap?” and “Do you do hot yoga?”

Check out the video above for the Eminem interview. To watch the rest of the show, skip back to the beginning.

Stephen Colbert will be returning to TV screens across the world when he joins The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in September this year.

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