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Weekly updates

Yung Lean’s latest visual foray takes us back to a simpler time. It reminds me of that rainbow level in Mario Kart and how much joy I once got from buying Pop Rocks and Samboy crinkle cuts with that sodium charged ‘extra flavour bomb’.

The video for Hurt brings all that joy in an endearingly amateur package. It reminds us that kids are still kids and they struggle to express their emotions through the barrage of iPhones, Pokémon Cards, prescription medicine, marshmallow spread and Japanese pop art. Yung Lean’s combination of awkward dancing and emotional lyrics cut with rhymes that reference cured meat is intriguing and features the melancholic beats of fellow young’n Suicideyear.

Hurt will feature on Lean’s upcoming mixtape set to drop on July 9.

Zoe Annabel