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Weekly updates

If you don’t already fucks with WEDIDIT, then:

A) Are you being serious?

B) WTF? C’mon dude. Get it together.

WEDIDIT are a music collective from LA, and if you don’t know of the crew then maybe you some of the specifics. Roll call:

RL Grime
Ground is Lava
Nick Melons
Sus Boy
Ryan Hemsworth (Who is touring Australia next month with Kaytranada)

Still unaware? You’ve got some catching up to do. Let’s get you started on some pleb shit, ease you in. WEDIDIT have just released a split EP with CZ and Arnold, which we have duh, obviously been bumping in the new ACCLAIM HQ. No judgement if you’re hitching the bandwagon, just hurry up and get on board already. For those that are existing fans, well then you already know that WEDIDIT don’t half step. My personal favourite member of the WEDIDIT family is their in-house artist and aesthetic mastermind SUS BOY. He made this video for Plus and Minus / DAS WHY by CZ/Arnold off their split EP. BRB, I’m currently weeping from the beauty that is net art.

I really fucking hope you sat through the entirety of that video. Like woah now. If you are still with me, then GOOD. Props to you for being on the level. Now go ahead yung pretties and #treatyoself by listening to a couple of the new tracks in their entirety below and check the rest on the WEDIDIT bandcamp.