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Wiz Khalifa samples Stranger Things in new track

Eleven and Wiz need to have a collab ASAP

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We had never envisaged this to happen. I mean, who ever thought we’d be able to say Wiz Khalifa and Netflix in the same sentence? Well, today is the day. Wiz has just dropped a new track sampling the iconic Netflix series Stranger Things. The tune, rightly named ‘Stranger Things’, was released under Taylor Gang Records and features J.R. Donato. I’m sure Eleven will be busily learning the lyrics.

Judging by Twitter’s initial reactions, we’re enjoying it a lot. The new track features the score from the Netflix series’ opening credits, created by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. And the result? We think Wiz’s opening line “Wake up and bake” says it all. It’s like a strange amalgamation of stoner science fiction.

Check out Khalifa and Donato’s ‘Stranger Things’, as well as the original Stranger Things opening credit sequence, both in the gallery above. We’re thinking Netflix should consider adopting Wiz’s version for the show’s opening credits in future series. I mean, stranger things have happened. Or at least let Eleven drop a few bars.

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