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She’s riding high on the success of current television hit Orange is the New Black, following similar acclaim for her work on Weeds, but writer Jenji Kohan has worked on some questionable scripts before hitting the Hollywood jackpot. In a Hollywood Reporter cover interview, it is (briefly) revealed that Kohan wrote a pilot episode for a superhero show starring Busta Rhymes. No further information was provided, besides that it came during a decade-long period where she was “stuck in an endless loop of staffing jobs…and pilot scripts that went nowhere.” Bussa Buss in a cape and tights didn’t sound like a moneymaker to anyone? For shame! But with absolutely no elaboration on those six game-changing words, the imaginations of Busta fans are on overdrive right now.

I mean, he clearly would look the part, what with his recent display of audacious outfit choices proving that he feels comfortable in skin-tight block colours and the single artwork for his collaborative track with Eminem drawing him as AN ACTUAL SUPERHERO. Possible super powers: breaking necks with the drop of a beat (or ram-level headbutts), fire-breathing like a dungeon dragon, wrecking discotheques.

And you’ve got a ready-made superhero crew in Flipmode Squad (with Spliff Star as the sidekick, obviously) or perhaps every featuring artist on every ‘Touch It’ remix ever made. I’m just saying, maybe if they’d let him make this television series, he wouldn’t have to resort to now peddling Swagger Wagons. Not that I’ve really thought too much about this or anything.