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Weekly updates

But like everything in life that’s too good to be true, it comes with a catch. If you want to become Wu-Tang Clan‘s newest social media manager it’s sans compensation. Oh, I’m sure it’s rich in ways you monetarily couldn’t put a price on; experience, exposure etc. (NONE OF THIS PAYS THE DOLLA, DOLLA  BILLS WU-TANG!!)

Like nearly every other sucker, intern who works for free, it will come to the tune of juggling two part-time jobs and having zero free time as you will be promoting the release of Wu-Tang’s multi-million dollar album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin – (probably). Prerequisites for the position include; ‘people that are versed in social media networking and also up on the newest social networking trends’ and that have a handle on Facebook, Twitter and all social media (read; everybody).

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of the Craigslist listing, back in 2011 Wu-tang Clan were also on the hunt for interns this time with the promise of a permanent position…

July 2011wu-tang-clan-craigslist-intern

It seems enough time has passed that they opted to leave out the bio this time and include an official insignia, see the new ad below…


If you think you’re in with a shot and would like to set up digs in New Jersey, head here to apply.