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According to a now-deleted tweet by G.O.O.D Music artist Malik Yusef, Kanye’s laptop went missing a little before 11pm last night in Paris, prompting the rapper to apparently acquire the help of P.I Firms to look into the matter.

HipHop DX inquired about the validity of the tweet but were told by Yusef’s publicist that the whole thing was just a joke. That would be the end of the story usually, but then an ode to Kim-Kardashian, entitled ‘Awesome’, coincidentally dropped on the same night as the purported theft.

The track, which abides by Kanye’s recent foray into more heavy (some would say tonally grating) autotune use, was all but confirmed for his upcoming album So Help Me God. It had been previewed briefly on an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians as a track from a then-unnamed upcoming project and also performed at the Met Ball. Besides those hints, it also just straight-up sounds like it was made in the same session or Kanyera ‘Only One’ was recorded.

If you’re a fan of Yeezy and wanted to hear So Help Me God as it was originally envisioned, this probably isn’t going to be good news for you. When The College Dropout leaked, Kanye made significant adjustments, remasters and redactions to the album. As a result, listeners lost two tracks where the young West spat alongside Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Consequence. Given the degree to which his perception of his own art has expanded, it wouldn’t be outlandish to suggest a similar overhaul could be instigated by the leak.

Listen to ‘Awesome’ below and Kanye, sounds like you need to get Poochinski on the case.