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Melbourne is set to host its newest rap-themed eatery in Collingwood later this year.  Biggie Smalls is the brain-child of chef and obvious Notorious B.I.G. fan Shane Delia and will open on Smith Street in December.

Speaking with Broadsheet, Delia, who currently heads the team at CBD restaurant Maha, said he would be keeping his distinct Middle Eastern cuisine but toning it down for the casual diners. Of course, no themed restaurant (especially a hip hop-themed one) would be complete without a clever play on words, even though it looks like Biggie Smalls will be exploring more than just Biggie’s NYC roots, with the menu set to feature East Coast and West Coast-specific kebabs, as well as a gin and juice cocktail, among other things.

It’s still a few months away from opening doors but we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this space come December.

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