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You can buy the Brunswick house made famous by Beyoncé

The closest to Bey you might ever get

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We haven’t heard much from Beyoncé in recent times but I’m sure we all remember what we were doing when that digital dropped (I was here… writing about it). And who could forget the madness that surrounded #BeyonceinBrunswick? Queen Bey set local social media alight, after choosing to film some of her ‘No Angel’ video clip on the verandah of a Brunswick house. If you actually have forgotten, take a trip down memory lane here.

Welp, according to real estate website Domain, the weatherboard house is up for auction at the end of this month. Situated in the popular area of Brunswick East, the property is a certified bargain, with the asking price expected to be between $470,000 and $510,000 but it is definitely a fixer-upper. The house will go to auction on February 27, with first inspections happening this Saturday. So if you’re in the market for a new crib (or just want to walk across the same threshold as the Queen) why not check it out?

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