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Weekly updates

After a buzzed-about mixtape, a wildly successful North American tour and a New York Times profile, have we reached peak Yung Lean? Can the polarising Swedish rapper keep upping the ante with increasingly high-production-value music videos? Is Yung Lean “the new generation”?

All these questions will (maybe) be resolved when the project is released on September 23, 2014, at 10.00 am New York time.


1. ‘Intro/Blommor’
2. ‘Blinded’
3. ‘Sunrise Angel’
4. ‘Yoshi City’
5. ‘Icecoldsmoke’
6. ‘Dogwalk’
7. ‘Don’t Go’
8. ‘Ghosttown’
9. ‘Monster’
10. ‘Volt’
11. ‘Leanworld’
12. ‘Sandman’
13. ‘Outro/Väntar’


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