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The 2017 Met Gala results are in

It's not a competition or anything, but Rihanna still won

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To stick to the theme or to ignore it entirely—that seems to be the recurring question for attendees of the Met Gala and, as per usual, Rihanna has the answer. Stick to the theme, you damn fools.

This year’s fashion spectacular was centred on Comme des Garçon’s groundbreaking designer Rei Kawakubo. Known for innovation that took high fashion somehow higher, playing with oversized imaginative shapes and bright, bold patterns, Kawakubo as a basis for a mood board should have served up plenty of inspiration.

So, in light of that, Selena Gomez can go home; Gisele Bündchen, you can go too; Kim, you look hot but you can also go home.

Of course, Riri stole the show, but perhaps you can’t steal something that’s already yours—which we all know to be true since that 2009 power suit, all the way to 2014’s immense yellow gown. Zendaya followed in her mother’s footsteps, serving a fierce look in her loricate gown. Katy Perry actually killed the theme, as did Cara Delevingne, rocking some high-voltage looks respectively.

Jaden Smith did a Jaden Smith and switched it up on us all, rocking his new hair cut while holding his former hair in his hands. It’s a bold statement and even though we would have loved it even more if Willow was there, we’re sure she’d appreciate him whipping out his hair in her honour. In fact, the dudes did very well this year, from P Diddy owning the stairs to Wiz setting the red carpet ablaze (literally), it seems the men were down to stand out—cue a Lil Yachty x Willy Wonka remix. Word up Lil Boat, we dig the cane.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s managed to stay relevant for another year and pulled up looking very dapper in their twinning blue looks. Alongside Nicki Minaj, the two channel some kind of ‘fire and ice’ dynamic that works. Check out more of the looks in the gallery above and be sure to stay tuned for the after party news, because based off this selfie, we’re sure it’s going to be lit.

annual bathroom selfie

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