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Australian creatives Mik Shida and Zheani Sparkes are collaborating for the first time on ‘8th Element’—a pretty interesting set of visuals and tees. Produced by Shida, “it is essentially a channelling and reinterpretation of Zheani’s magic tattoos” and are part of a fundraising campaign for an independent film production.

Mik tells us the film will be a contemporary tragedy situated within the frame of Australia’s traditional lad sub culture, based on the Gold Coast. “It addresses the power dynamics at play between homeless youth and seeks to shine a light on a social issue that is rarely addressed.”

While the concept visuals are pretty trippy, Mik assures us the film itself will be quite different aesthetically. The crew is getting ready to to begin production in the new year and you can support by copping one of the collaborative pieces here. Take a look at the video and t-shirt designs in the gallery above.


Weekly updates