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The iconic collaboration between footwear giant adidas and designer extraordinaire Yoji Yamamoto, known as the Y-3 collection, has hit its 10-year milestone.

To celebrate, an exclusive book (limited to 2,000 copies, and only given to brand ambassadors and collaborators) titled  10 Years of Y-3: The Book has been published.

But don’t stress if you’re not a high fashion scenester, you can still get your mitts on the glossy pages by visiting a Y-3 store to check out the display copies. Or of course you can have a gaze at the digital copy up on the website. 

The book tracks the collaboration’s mix of athletic sportswear and high-end fashion, filled with high quality images, archived products, store images, one-offs, and campaigns. It’s organised in a very particular manner, where sections are separated by distinctive checkpoints in the brand’s history.

Who better to provide the introduction to such the decade-long history of balling than the fashion killa himself, A$AP Rocky, writing in the book’s epilogue: “For me I feel like Y-3 defines my fashion,” he writes. “It has the high-end edge but it still reminds you of sports street wear. And that’s my world, there.”

Well said.

Jamie-Maree Shipton

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