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Mysterious Polaroids of incredibly cool people and the promise of more “coming soon”? If anyone knows how to tease a campaign, it’s Alexander Wang.

Wang set the bar high for himself last year with his promotion for DoSomething, a charity that works with young people to help change the world. Mr and Mrs West, Kate Moss and A$AP Rocky were among a few of the heavyweights who helped get the charity in the spotlight.

So far the designer’s new Instagram, @WangSquad, that caught our attention this morning doesn’t give away a lot of hints about what exactly is to come, with little more than photos of some of Wang’s trendy mates and the hashtag #WANGSS16. We’re not sure if this is teasing a lineup for a new campaign or the casting for his upcoming New York Fashion Week show. Either way, he doesn’t disappoint, with notable name drops including Travis Scott, Vic Mensa, and Cindy Crawford’s 14-year-old daughter Kaia Gerber.

  • Words: Emma Arnold

Weekly updates