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Moncler’s Spring/Summer 2017 Campaign is one of the most thoughtful and artistic advertisements to come out of the fashion world in recent times.

Moncler are known for their creativity and artistic flare when it comes to advertising, opting for more subtle techniques and styles to communicate their brand image. This season is no different, and it appears no time, effort, or money has been spared on creating something that is not merely advertising but also art in its own right.

Chinese artist and master of the invisible Liu Bolin had each Moncler snowsuit painted in such a way that they blended into the surroundings when worn. Liu Bolin himself was painted to further the illusion of transparency. The result is an almost ghost-like portrait where only Liu’s silhouette is visible.

This surreal display was photographed by none other than Annie Leibovitz, the indomitable American portrait photographer.

One image shows the transparent Bolin in a hotchpotch bookshop and the other image finds him under a canopy of leaves in Central Park. These contrasting settings work to emphasise the versatility of Moncler. This marriage of nature and urban living serves only to heighten the brands focus upon transparency in this seasons collection.

Watch below to see how it was done.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

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