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Behind the scenes on Indoor Fountains’ latest visual

Director Amy Dellar teams with PUMA to explore femininity

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Amy Dellar knows nostalgia. Through her pseudonym Indoor Fountains, Amy creates films that encapsulate the female gaze and the ‘good old days’. Both a director and cinematographer, her visuals transcend the present and hark back to hazy days spent lounging by the local pool, longing for a quick escape from suburbia.

Her upcoming visual feature ‘PUMA Angels’ revolves around three women indulging in carefree play: with trampolines, Clueless-esque styling and pink washed light underpinning the ethereal imagery. PUMA’s latest rework of their iconic silhouette boasts a coloured suede upper, satin bow at the heel and ribbon laces, and Amy’s take on the shoe is otherworldly. In anticipation of the premiere next week, check out our behind-the-scenes video up above and get to know Amy below.


Can you tell me a bit about who you are and what you do?

My name’s Amy Dellar, I’m a cinematographer and filmmaker from Melbourne, Australia.

What’s one thing that you love about what you do?

There are so many things! I primarily work as a cinematographer which allows you to bring a certain magic to the screen through lighting and camera. You’re able to express your idea of how this world should look and feel which is really special and differs from project to project.

Can you describe your creative process?

If I’m creating a music video or a film for online, which is when you might catch me directing, I find myself threading some loose narrative through it. I find it really uninspiring seeing a pretty girl pose to the camera in a nice setting for a whole minute with nothing really happening. Because I’m a cinematographer first and foremost, my creative process blossoms from visual things. Places hold a lot of meaning to me, the way they look and feel, and what they remind you of. I find that’s a good place to start to find inspiration, they can be like time capsules and the perfect setting for your foundation mood. I then think of themes I like, and how that would marry with the setting to create a cohesive world. Lastly, if it’s all coming up pretty peachy, I like to add something to give it an element of strangeness or mystery. Hopefully, from this process, the viewer will be left with something that feels familiar but also intriguing.

Can you tell me what motivates you to create?

The joy of being able to express yourself through how you shoot things and being able to bring certain stories to life.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

There have been so many highlights with many of the directors I’ve worked with! A really special one was a short film I shot recently in Sydney called ‘BIRD’, directed by Arundati Thandur. I’d never read such a badass script that blended very real and dark themes with humour and tenderness. It’s currently in post-production but I’m counting down the days till it’s released! Rooni is an incredible visionary and a director to watch.

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