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Weekly updates

After what feels like a little bit of a seismic shift in terms of both brand positioning and creative direction over at BBC/Ice Cream (with Nigo/Sk8thing no longer involved and an obvious drop in retail price point on their core lines) the brand now looks to have finally re-found its footing, stepping out of this murky terrain with some exciting new projects being helmed by menswear designer Mark McNairy, think brogue boots and the upcoming Bee Line collection bringing interest in from some of the most critical of the hypebeast crowd.

Further fuel for the re-ignition of the BBC flame is their new Summer 12 range of tees. Focusing on new treatments of some of their brands staple logos along with the introduction of new graphics that nod towards, among other things, yacht club culture, it’s a range that provides for those that still like their BBC with a bit of flair and those that want to dress their summer look down. You can purchase now via their online store.