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Giving his usual motto that “wealth is of the mind and not of the pocket” a bit of an edit, Pharrell kicked off the unveiling of the full Bee Line collection by saying, “Individuality is wealth”. The idea’s been resonating with him for a while, and according to Pharrell, influenced both the Fall/Holiday BBC collection and the much-awaited collaboration with menswear maestro Mark McNairy. Held on the second floor of the NYC BBC flagship, the intimate space offered the opportunity to get into the details of both collections with Pharrell’s commentary focused on the much-anticipated project with McNairy.

“The collaboration came from us working together on the boot, and I immediately wanted to do more,” Pharrell commented when asked about what sparked the project, referencing the bright-soled brogue boots that were initially released in April via Colette. The resulting collection showcases Billionaire Boys Club’s usual aesthetic as interpreted by McNairy’s madcap genius lens: unexpected detailing and a totally unparalleled take on fabric. “Mark’s knowledge of fabric and construction is beyond anything,” Pharrell said.

Highlighting layering as a design point that was taken into account from the start, Pharrell shook off his Bee Line Varsity Jacket and threw on a plush shearling hooded vest with slick toggled pulls for cinching up and keeping out the cold, then slid into a nylon puffer shell in contrasting camo and blaze orange lining. “The layering thing also comes from the way we worked together, it was really about the melding of two mentalities,” he mentioned afterwards. “We see eye to eye though, keeping things weird but accessible.”

“He’s like a Southern gentleman Junya,” Pharrell said of McNairy, comparing him to the celebrated Japanese designer known for cobbling together disparate elements into surprisingly stylish garb. Pieces like the corduroy shirt in multiple shades of brown and tan showcase the Junya Watanabe influence, the piecework style popular with the high fashion guru’s devotees for many years and familiar to McNairy fans as well. Others, like the Varsity Jacket that Pharrell’s been wearing out for a few months, are perfect examples of McNairy’s detail to fabric, featuring unique tweeds and incredibly supple leather that take what would otherwise be a casual staple into luxurious territory.

The first Bee Line shipment hits stores on or around August 15th.