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Bose enters wireless headphone game with four new models

Noise cancellation never sounded so sweet

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Bose have decided to join the wireless game, and they’re entering it with a bang. The all new QuietComfort 35 and QuietControl 30 are designed to be both wireless and noise cancelling, so you can block out the haters on the go now.

On the QuietComfort 35, we’re talking a custom engineered Bluetooth system for constant connection, with microphones both inside and outside the ear cups which measure and send unwanted sounds to digital electronic chips. The result? Legit noise cancellation.

Just in case that wasn’t impressive enough they’ve done a one-up and put out the QuietControl 30 for those who prefer earbuds. The difference to note here is that there are six microphones which allow you to choose how much noise you want to cancel out. You can turn it on or off completely, or find somewhere nice and in-between depending on what you’re doing and how much noise cancellation you require. For example, you might set it to a nice medium when you’re walking around so you don’t get hit by a car or something. Alternatively, you can turn it all the way up when the person next to you on public transport decides to strike up a conversation. Both headphones also talk to Siri and other phone VPAs.

For the sports folks out there, they’ve even made the SoundsSport and SoundsSport Pulse headphones. These are actual comfortable wireless headphones that are designed to be as secure as they are comfy when you’re pumping some mad iron.

Basically, there is something for everyone, so check out the game-changing headphones in the gallery above, and in the meantime just try to act like you can’t hear the person next to you on the tram over your music. Even if it’s a tram inspector…

The QC35 is available beginning June 5 for $349.95 and the QC30 will be available beginning September for $299.95. The SoundSport headphones are set to drop on June 5  for $149.95; the SoundSport Pulse will be available from September at $199.95.

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