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Carne Bollente is the tshirt label exploring sex without limits

From blowjobs to gangbangs, Carne Bollente aren't afraid to explore eroticism

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Are you comfortable enough with your sex life that you’d wear it embroidered on your clothing? Carne Bollente is hoping that you are. Actually, they know you are—it’s part of the reason their label is so successful. Instead of pop culture graphics or brand names on their clothes you’ll find a range of sexual encounters embroidered in bright colours. From blowjobs to gang bangs to dominatrixes at work, Carne Bollente aren’t afraid to explore all avenues of eroticism and sex.

The idea began when designer Agoston Palinko and friends started making shirts for their inner-circle but has since grown to a fully fledged label stocked in more than 70 stores. From their base in Paris Agoston told Acclaim about the label’s pleasurable rise.

How did Carne Bollente come along?

We created Carne Bollente three years ago. It was an idea we had on a vacation with friends and we decided to do it. At first we never thought it would lead anywhere.  We wanted to start something fun—if it works it works if not it doesn’t matter. Even today it seems amazing that this project is getting bigger and bigger.

What’s the idea behind the brand?

The idea was to create an independent brand and explore sex without limits. Place sexual theme as our main guideline, but in a different way than we’re used to seeing until now. We wanted to create something that people would find funny. It would make you laugh when you see it, your parents when you go to their house for the Sunday lunch, that girl from the party you went to on Saturday, everyone actually.

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Was getting the label going a hard thing to do?

Not at all, actually we started to sell to our friends and we were sold out in a few days. After that we realised that we needed to develop it as a brand. We asked our buyers to take some photos for us and it spread quite fast. Now we are represented by more than 70 shops all around the world. There are four of us now, managing our sex business.

When you wear Carne Bollente do you get people double take when they realise what the illustration is?

It depends. My parents hate it for example. But usually no, since the patterns are small and you really have to approach to see what’s on it. People usually laugh! Basically, my idea every time I do an illustration is not being vulgar but rather make something sexual which is fun and light. We’ve even received responses from people who got laid thanks to our shirts.

Has anyone ever been offended?

I wouldn’t say offended, it’s just that some people wouldn’t wear it. But we’ve never got offended reactions.

What lead you towards a career in visual mediums?

I knew I wanted to be a visual artist for a long time. Since I was a hyperactive kid the only thing that calmed me down was drawing. I always kind of knew that I would do arts. I was in art oriented schools all my life, then I moved to France to continue my studies in visual arts.

Did anything inspire you visually when you were a kid that lead to your style?

Cartoons, I watched tons of them. When I was born Cartoon Network had just come to Hungary. We were hooked on it. And I remember I loved dragons and, you know, fantasy stuff. But I remember my favourite character of all of them was Jessica Rabbit, I was obsessed. Maybe that’s why I enjoy doing my illustrations with Carne Bollente so much.

How would you describe your style?

Pretty much abstract, if I were to pick a word. I usually see things in forms and colours. I don’t like details—they make me nervous. It’s the same for my paintings and illustrations that I do for clients. I love colours and forms, I usually try to express my ideas through the simplest way possible if it works it makes me happy. It’s quite simple actually.

You’re just about to release a range of Carne Bollente wallets, what other products would you like to experiment with?

We are working on our new collection for next summer already. We’ll introduce womenswear pieces, crop tops, and new accessories of course. We are also working on some goodies and objects…

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