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Your comprehensive guide to the mysterious world of Comme Des Garçons is here

The essential A-Z of the cult label and enigmatic designer

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Comme des Garçons is arguably one of the most influential fashion labels of our time, and designer Rei Kawakubo one of fashion’s most innovative and creatively diverse enigmas (not to mention the best dressed). With work spanning the last 48 years, there’s a lot of Comme goodness to soak in, so if you’ve ever wanted a guide to all things Comme and Kawakubo, then you’re in luck. 032c has just released the online version of their comprehensive 40-page A to Z history of the label, which originally appeared in the 20th issue of their publication, released in 2010, and it makes for a fascinating browse. Their extensive encyclopaedia looks at the history of the designer and her legendary label and is described as a project that “Systematically uncovers the enormous diversity of response that Kawakubo’s work has provoked”.

Have a read and allow your brain to soak in all the ground-breaking, genre spanning, boundary breaking work that Comme des Garçons has created throughout the years. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be even more obsessed with the world of Comme once you know all there is to know, although some things will just have to remain a secret, like the precise location of Rei Kawakubo’s house, which apparently overlooks a cemetery somewhere in Japan, and the mysterious Comme des Garcons headquarters which have no receptionist or signage and rarely allow outsiders in. Seriously, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

So if you’ve already started procrastinating your way towards the weekend, have a very long scroll through the archive and learn a knew thing or 12.

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