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Converse has released  some limited edition, high-end black leather sneakers, partnering up with Amsterdam’s skate shop Ben-G, which stocks premium skatewear from some of the industry’s most prominent labels, to bring us these quality kicks.

The sneakers were inspired by Ben-G’s very own co-founder Benny Komala, who has a tattoo on his index finger of two dashes, as eyes, and a tear. The sneakers feature the sad-eyed icon located on the tongues, in striking white, which offers a refreshing contrast against the charcoal upper. Whether you’re a skater, or someone who just likes the comfort and sturdiness skate apparel offers, these sneakers are built to protect your feet. They have a white rubber outsole, toe cap, and bumper for extra grip. This stylish alternative to the Chuck Taylor also features a rubber Ollie pad, which apparently makes your shoe virtually indestructible. The sneaker itself is made from leather, including the insoles.

You can buy these babies now from skate stores locally at Beyond Skate, Fast Times, Precinct, and UPS for $130.

  • Words: Eleanor Beardsell

Weekly updates