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Converse’s Fall line covers all the essentials

Threads that only get better with time

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Converse have just come through with their Fall Essentials Apparel that reps an all-star lineup. Most clothes tend to get worse with wear—or after copping a couple sauce stains—but this unisex line is designed to wear better with time. By this, we mean that not only are they designed to look better when well-worn, but they also get softer after each wear as the fabric fades naturally with long-term wear.

As essentials, the line has all bases covered with  a range of tees, pants, hoodies, crews, zippers and a backpack to boot.  This is one for those who appreciate the ‘less is more’ mantra, as well as those with a dedication to the classics. Take a look through the gallery above and be sure to head over to the Converse Site for the full drop.

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