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Converse’s new campaign features every cool person you’ve ever heard of

Vince Staples, Maisie WIlliams, Winnie Harlow, Keith Ape, and many, many more

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For the last month or so we’ve seen Converse celebrate the iconic Chuck Taylor through the Forever Chuck video series. The videos told the stories of different creative fields and what a simple pair of Chucks meant to them. Not only did the series tell interesting stories it also featured one of the best campaign casts in recent memory, including Vince Staples, Winnie Harlow, and Millie Bobby Brown. Now Converse have released a new video featuring these guys and more: Keith Ape, Maisie Williams, Jordan Clarkson, Gucci Gang, and Sean Pablo. There’s more but listing them would take too long so just watch the video. The video is all about how Chucks have been a staple of youth culture for generations—a cultural icon that doesn’t look like it’s going to loose it’s shine any time soon.

This video is presented in partnership with Converse. Hit them up here if your chucks are looking a little less than iconic.

Weekly updates