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Cruise the streets with Japanese biker chicks in Kenzo’s new fashion film

A fashion campaign that will have you wishing it was a movie trailer

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French Luxury house Kenzo can easily be described as one to go ‘above and beyond,’ and their latest campaign which doubles as a stunning mini-film easily reinforces that.

Designer Kenzo Takada was born in Japan and moved to Paris back in the ’60s to pursue his fashion career, and the brand continues to draw from his Japanese influence as seen in the movie ‘Sun to Sun’, written and directed by Partel Olivia.

The film is centred on a Japanese folk tale of Momotarō, who was a baby boy born in a peach and found by an elderly couple, who later in life grew up to be a hero. The original lore dates back to the 1700s and saw the protagonist living a life that was anything but peachy, as he fought demonic villains. The film showcases a girl version of the story, where Momoko takes to the streets with a girl gang on motorcycles, donning dramatic black face paint to pay homage to a practice of ancient Japanese women. As they continue on their ventures, we are treated to animation from Sanghon Kim, adding another layer of life and creativity to the already impressive clip.

The film is shot across Kamakura, Fujisawa and Tokyo, and does incredible justice to each location. It might only be a campaign for their Pre-Fall 2016 collection but we can honestly say we wish it was a full-length film. And we haven’t even mentioned the clothes yet. Of course, the line is every bit as imaginative film, and Kenzo is, as far as we are concerned, showing the rest of the fashion world how promoting is done.

Check out the soulful clip for yourself in the gallery above.

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