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Weekly updates

We’re approaching the business end of one of the biggest international sporting competitions in the world and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably suffering from a bit of World Cup fatigue. In my case, it’s more like “Damn son, starting my days at 2am watching football matches is kind of wrecking my life,” rather than actually being sick of anything to do with the tournament. Nevertheless, it’s still going and so is the round-ball themed clothing drops from some of our favourite streetwear brands.

I Love Ugly releases the final instalment of their World Cup collection, with a nice set of wardrobe choices for those that don’t actually want to look like they just came from training. Keeping the colour pallette fairly subdued, the brand presents athletic-inspired tees, sweats, outerwear and headgear, focussing on the designs of national flags and old-school team crests. Known for their print game, I Love Ugly still offers up their bread-and-butter in a set of flag-covered pieces. Check out the collection above and hit up I Love Ugly for more info.

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