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The history of hip-hop fashion is about to be blown wide open in a new documentary by Sacha Jenkins, titled Fresh Dressed. Debuted at Sundance Film Festival, the doco travels through time, where on-stage steez started off as Armani suits and “minks to the floor” and progressed through many phases before landing in the melting pot of a wardrobe we know today. In this first short clip, Big Daddy Kane features, offering anecdotes of those early days of hip-hop.

The film promises insights from fashion heavyweights André Leon Talley and Riccardo Tisci alongside hip-hop icons – and fashion-centric dudes – Kanye West, Nas and Pharrell Williams, among others. Going beyond the superficial, the project delves into the racial, cultural and economical issues that influenced the fashion choices of hip-hop’s stars and fans throughout the ages.

No word yet on a mainstream release date for Fresh Dressed, so check out the brief preview clips above in the meantime.

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