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In recent years Forever 21 have established themselves as frequent stealers of everyone else’s shit. In just the past week they have been called out for ripping off the work of an independent designer, as well as fellow fast-fashion heavyweights H&M (who are no stranger to the design stealing game).

Last year H&M released the ‘Beach Please’ tropical themed tote bag which sold so well that they decided to copyright the design. But this year Forever 21 shelves featured an eerily similar tote, which actually went so far as to use exactly the same font.

This time, however, Forever 21 ripped off a sketch by a Portland-based designer named Sam Larson. The image in question was posted to his Instagram account over two years ago, but recently Forever 21 replaced Sam’s letter I with an arrow and placed the design onto a ‘cropped muscle tee’.

It is clear from even a glance that the Forever 21 design is simply a scan of the original with some badly added lines. According to a BuzzFeed investigation, the company has removed the tee from sale and are facing litigation.

This isn’t the first time they have found themselves facing legal action, earlier this year adidas sued Forever 21 for the use of the three stripes.

Hopefully H&M and Forever 21 can realise their hypocrisy and just stop stealing designs, but that’s just some wishful thinking.

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