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Weekly updates

Have you ever thought to yourself ‘Damn my hard drive is fucking ugly’? Well, this new limited-edition hard drive from LaCie and Philippe Starck is the piece of kit for you. The 4TB USB 3.0 hard drive features a streamlined internal portion with intersecting rectangular plates and as a result produces a piece of art outside of your day-to-day hard drive dullness. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, the drive is finished off with a Starck logo-shaped LED power button on the side. Included in the 4TB of storage is 10GB of Wuala cloud storage.

The release date is currently uncertain, but we know for sure this little beauty will sting you $299 when it’s finally unleashed. There are only going to 9,999 units available online through LaCie and other retailers, so keep a look out if you’re keen to pimp your workspace.