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Weekly updates

Last week Sydney-based label Geedup released the latest pieces from their terminally chill 2014 winter collection in the form of ‘The Sportsman Injection’, which offers up another one of their notoriously on-point long-sleeve tees and a matching tracksuit boasting a slick design that exudes plenty of those zeitgeist ’90s sportswear vibes.

As if we weren’t frothing over the new drop enough, the Geedup gang have gone and done a bedroom photoshoot with babin’ model-dancer-actor Nevena Tepic featuring said threads and quite frankly they’ve never looked better – even though she’s not repping the tracksuit half the time (no shade intended).

Peep the photoshoot in the gallery above, and if you’re liking what you see you can shop it over at Geedup’s online store.

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