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For those who are constantly onto bigger and better tings, Grand Scheme has got your back to keep you looking fly as you scheme up your next big move. Coming in with a bold pink, to keep in line with the mantra “real schemers wear pink”, the Australian label sets the bar high with their Talk Is Cheap release, as featured in the video below.

Talk is Cheap from grandscheme on Vimeo.

The line is comprised of hoodies, long sleeve and normal tee cuts, a fresh black spray and caps coming in three different colour ways. With a cheeky dollar-dollar smiley face to top it all off, the drop is everything we could hope for from the brand built on the “rebellious DIY spirit”. And no, we’re talking about more than just the DIY ways you have figured out how to open a beer, this one is hitting a whole other level (although shout outs to anyone who has pulled off the paper trick).

The OG schemer Jimmy Bligs spoke on the inspo behind the drop, as he noted “in today’s world there are plenty of people who talk a good game and put on an alluring front, but I’m interested in the people who are too busy grinding to be talking shit and instead let their work speak for themselves.”

Going off the expression “talk is cheap”, he was inspired by those who are actually getting off their butts and putting in work. “At the end of the day talk minus action is worthless. We’re about supporting the dreamers that DO. That’s who inspires me to create.”

Check out the lookbook above and be sure to head over to their site for the full release.

  • Photography: Jackson Smith
  • Videography: Christopher Baron

Weekly updates