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Staying local for this installment of Haute Thing, we stumbled across Melbourne fashion blogger Chloe Ting. This girl sure knows her shit and gives us the low down on what she thinks constitutes a stylish lad.

What’s your name? Chloe Ting

How old are you? 26

What kinda style do you like on guys? There isn’t a particular style that I favour, I’ll like it as long as they can pull it off without looking too try-hard. A good clean haircut that compliments an outfit is also important in my opinion.

What are some things guys should just never wear? Very short shorts or leggings!

What are some current trends that you think guys need to ditch? Wouldn’t say these are current trends, but guys needs to stop defaulting to the black-tee-blue-jeans setup. There are always ways to make an outfit look more outstanding without too much effort by wearing something more colorful, accessorizing, or wearing a jacket/cardigan or layering.

What are some things, in your opinion, that never get old in men’s fashion? Hats. It might just be me and my love for accessories, but a good suitable hat/cap/beanie can make an outfit much better, and catch people’s attention.

What do you think it says about a guy if he’s always in sneakers? I think I’m more interested in seeing how he pairs he shoes with the rest of his outfit. As long as he’s wearing sneakers with an outfit that compliments each other, then I’d think it’s alright, otherwise, he needs to be investing in some good footwear. Any guy with less than 3 pairs of shoes need to seriously go shoe shopping now! Give yourself more options!

You meet a hot guy with bad dress sense. Deal breaker? Not immediately. I’d be interested to find out if he just received bad advice and what he thinks of my style. If his style is that different to mine, he might actually think I’m the one with bad sense of style! Now that would be a deal breaker!

Guy dresses really well, but still lives with his parents. Deal breaker? Not unless he’s unambitious and plays video games in the basement all day.

Guy spends more money on clothes than you do. Deal breaker? I’m sorry, I don’t comprehend this question. This is NOT and will NEVER be a possibility!

Who is a guy who you think personifies good style? Can’t think of just one guy at the moment, but any males looking for good fashion inspiration should check out the top male contributors on Lookbook.nu

Groomed guys or scruffy guys, who do you prefer? Groomed guys because they show that they pay attention to detail, their well organised and thoughtful.

Finish these sentences:

Every guy should own a good…bracelet/bangle/watch/rings. Did I mention how much I like accessories? You should too!

Camo print is…  great especially on outerwear.

Guys who wear caps are… going to be bald in the future (if the myth is true)..

On a first date a guy should wear… anything but formal wear, and not be drowned in cologne.

Guys who wear luxury brands are… either rich, or trying very hard to impress. Being decked out in branded wear doesn’t make someone’s stylish and good looking.

Graphic tshirts on guys are… a show of character. Could either be a good or bad thing so don’t overdo it guys!

Beards on guys are… cool, only if yesterday’s milk isn’t still on it.

Tattoos on guys are… interesting and fun to see, but not my cup of tea.

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