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Ebba Zingmark is a fashion blogging babe hailing all the way from Umea, Sweden, and this gal knows what she wants. From tasteful tats to boys who iron their shirts, Ebba tells us all about her idea of the perfectly styled male in this installment of Haute Thing.

What’s your name?  Ebba Zingmark.

How old are you? 17.

What kinda style do you like on guys? One thing that I really like is when guys look fresh and clean. I like white t-shirts and well ironed shirts. But it’s important to be relaxed and not dress too strictly either; I want him to be confident enough to have his own style. A basic look with a detail or accessory (a hat, bow-tie, fun shoes or something) that pops a bit is a safe card! And yeah, I’m a sucker for the nerdy style.

What are some things guys should just never wear? Oh, those ugly and extremely oversized sets with sweatpants and hoodies! You know the pants that are so loose that you almost see his underwear? Not my cup of tea.

What are some current trends that you think guys need to ditch? There’s no trends that need to be ditched (okay, besides possibly the loose sweatpants). Personally I don’t like the army/military trend. Rough boots are okay but no more than that. I really don’t like war, so I see no point of dressing like a solider.

What are some things, in your opinion, that never get old in men’s fashion? The minimalistic look is always hot. Sometimes it’s nice to wear a well-fitting suit and a nice pair of shoes without over-accessorizing it all. Also, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the retro look.

What do you think it says about a guy if he’s always in sneakers? Well, of course it depends. I do love the sporty trend, so a few pairs of nice sneakers could be just the right accessory, on the other hands it’s always nice with variation.

You meet a hot guy with bad dress sense. Deal breaker? Well, I would be honest about my opinions, but if he still really wants to wear that, I’d accept that. I do want him to be himself! I would make sure to give him stylish clothes as Christmas and birthday gifts, haha!

Guy dresses really well, but still lives with his parents. Deal breaker? Well, no problems! If I really like the guy, we could move in together. If he’s a good cook too, that’s a big bonus!

Guy spends more money on clothes than you do. Deal breaker? That’s really his choice. I think many guys spend more money on clothes than me, actually I don’t spend too much money on clothes.

Who is a guy who you think personifies good style? A person who puts a bit of effort into his look, and has enough confidence to show his own style!

Groomed guys or scruffy guys, who do you prefer? Groomed! Definitely.

Finish these sentences:

Every guy should own… a good self-confidence!

Camo print is… not my style.

Guys who wear caps are… probably wearing the same hat as me. I wear caps very often (love it).

On a first date a guy should wear… something he’s comfortable in.

Guys who wear luxury brands are… probably pretty rich, but to me there’s no connection between money and style.

Graphic tshirts on guys are… relaxed and cool!

Beards on guys are…. hot on a very limited amount of guys, mostly I like them better without!

Tattoos on guys are… hot and interesting! But don’t overdo it. A couple of carefully selected tattoos is enough.

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