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Besides hanging out in sunny LA and being snapped by The Cobrasnake, 23-year-old Eugénie Grey of Feral Creature enjoys a good fashion rampage. With a style personally described as “moody”, the pastel-haired blogger prefers to let her mood dictate her wardrobe and wear her emotions on her sleeve, literally. So if you’re a dude with a spray tan or a penchant for Ed Hardy, this stylish babe doesn’t want a bar of it. Check out what else Eugenie has to say about men’s style below.

What’s your name? Eugénie Grey

How old are you? 23.

Who/what influences your style? Fashion bloggers with interesting and unique style, art, feelings.

What kind of style do you like on guys? Super-clean, classic pieces with an evocative touch. For instance, my current favorite look for men is a pair of black harem pants coupled with a crisp white tee with slightly rolled-up sleeves. Then add a black leather harness on top.

What should guys just never wear? Ed Hardy. Affliction. Spray tans.

What are some current trends that you think guys need to ditch? The over-the-top sarcastic/ironic/offensive faux-punk stuff. Some stuff out there is cool but there are others that try too hard. I think everyone needs to let this trend die.

What are some things, in your opinion, that never get old in men’s fashion? Two words: TAILORED. SUITS.

What do you think it says about a guy if he’s always in sneakers? Depends what kind of sneaker.

You meet a hot guy with bad dress sense. Deal breaker? Never. I love me a fixer-upper.

Guy dresses really well, but still lives with his parents. Deal breaker? Most likely, unless he’s saving for a house. In that case, you’ve got a very smart man.

Guy spends more money on clothes than you do. Deal breaker? Unless it’s totally for work, then yeah. I can’t stand a guy who’s more vain than I am!

Who is a guy who you think personifies good style? Both knowing the classics and being able to put together seemingly random pieces to create an unexpectedly amazing outcome.

Groomed guys or scruffy guys, who do you prefer? Does a groomed five o’clock shadow count?

Finish these sentences:

Every guy should own… a dog. (Total dog lady here!)

Camo print is… a trend that requires delicate handling. It could either look really cool or really cheap.

Guys who wear caps are… in the clear as long as they don’t wear them all the time. Don’t worry, the top of your head is beautiful, I promise.

On a first date a guy should wear… clothing acceptable to the venue you’re headed to.

Guys who wear luxury brands are… fine as long as they don’t tout it all the time on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or drop it “casually” in conversation. Don’t be obnoxious. You garner the most respect when wearing a luxury brand seems trivial, to be honest.

Graphic t-shirts on guys are… just no.

Beards on guys are… awesome to look at, but personally not so awesome to feel.

Tattoos on guys are… making me weak in the knees.