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For all you Haute Thing fiends, (that’s right, we know you’re out there), we’re back at it with Juli Santini, Argentinian based fashion designer and all round style guru . As a designer, currently also working with a photographer and artist, Juli spends her life determining what style is, so this is your go to girl when it comes down to the nitty gritty of the good and horrendously bad in men’s fashion. From tattoos and beards to still living with your parents…we’ve got it covered lads, check out what Juli had to say below.

What’s your name? Juli Santini

How old are you? 23

What kinda style do you like on guys? Hmm I like artistic boys! There is a particular ’60s aesthetic I absolutely love. Lots of skinny pencil ties and ’60s colours.  I also like  American preppy styles and British moods…but obviously I like boys that keep things pretty simple with tight black jeans and a nice t-shirt with a print or something.

What are some things guys should just never wear? Sandals with socks, class rings, necklaces, or super baggy jeans!

What are some current trends that you think guys need to ditch? I think that the ’80s trend is ready to be ditched.

What are some things, in your opinion, that never get old in men’s fashion? Blazers! I love them and I love guys with them, I think it’s sexy now and always will be.

What do you think it says about a guy if he’s always in sneakers? Look away now!  Haha, no…just dress so you feel comfortable and confident..

You meet a hot guy with bad dress sense. Deal breaker? No no! maybe he just had a bad day…

Guy dresses really well, but still lives with his parents. Deal breaker? Yes, totally.

Guy spends more money on clothes than you do. Deal breaker? Not necessarily, my boyfriend spends more money than me on clothes sometimes, and I think it can be okay!

Who is a guy who you think personifies good style? Just a guy that is being himself, that doesn’t copy anyone, and boys who pay attention to what suits their personal shape and size.

Groomed guys or scruffy guys, who do you prefer? Scruffy guys!

Finish these sentences:

Every guy should own a good… leather jacket.

Camo print is… boring.

Guys who wear caps are… old-fashioned.

On a first date a guy should wear… a good pair of leather boots.

Guys who wear luxury brands are… not interesting.

Graphic t-shirts on guys are… nice! But it depends on the graphic on the t-shirt… sometimes they are silly, especially on a guy who’s too old….

Beards on guys are… it depends on the bone structure, but in general I like beards!

Tattoos on guys are… pretty sexy!

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