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Keeping up with Facebook’s ever-changing privacy settings is a pain in the arse. It’s like the Never Ending Story but less entertaining and scarier. All this hullabaloo involving facial recognition algorithms, new changes that Facebook want to implement and essentially what it all means for you can get confusing.

Maybe you don’t care. What’s a few dodgy night-out pictures between everyone and the interwebs? But some people like to mess with authority, or at the very least, don’t need to be reminded of fateful drunken decisions. With this in mind, may I introduce Simone C. Niquille and Adam Harvey. Two F.F.R fighters (Facebook Facial Recognition) who in their own way are sticking it to the proverbial man, one through inventing thermal-heat-blocking anti-drone hoodies – for your vacation in Iraq maybe? – and algorithm blocking hair & makeup. The other creating casual streetwear tees with insane graphics to confuse facial recognition algorithms, making you essentially online invisible.

Simone’s REALFACE Glamouflage t-shirts are particularly interesting as they use pictures of celebrity lookalikes and the ‘dazzle‘ technique to essentially thwart being recognised. About the project Simone states; “I was interested in the T-shirt as a mundane commodity. An article of clothing that in most cases does not need much consideration in the morning in front of the closet…I was interested in creating a tool for privacy protection that wouldn’t require much time to think in the morning, an accessory that would seamlessly fit in your existing everyday. No adaption period needed.

Good news for those security conscious but not prepared to invest hours each morning infront of the mirror looking like a Flock of Seagulls reject (sorry Adam).

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