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When a disaster this massive goes down, it can feel almost impossible for one person to do something to help the many, many people who need it. However, New York-based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz has found a way to use his talents to make a real difference. After his studio was paralysed by the hurricane, Errazuriz was depressed by the devastation and came up with the money-raising idea of taking the iconic “I Love NY” t-shirt design and dipping it in blue ink to emulate a flood line. Originally inspired by the flooded galleries he saw in New York’s Chelsea art district, Errezuriz continued this idea by taking a subway map shirt and dipping it in black ink to represent the dividing line between Manhattan areas with and without power.

All proceeds go directly towards disaster relief in the region and each one is crafted by hand by Errazuriz and his dedicated two-man team. If you’d like to do your bit, learn a bit more about the project, and score a great shirt in the process, visit Grey Area’s online store to pick one up.