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Hype DC x adidas Originals: Creative Profiles — Laurie

We profile Hype DC staff in an exclusive range from adidas Originals

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To celebrate adidas Originals releasing an exclusive range available through Hype DC we got three Hype DC team members to step outside their stores and tell us a little more about themselves. First up is Laurie who’s making his mark on Melbourne’s music scene — from behind the scenes.

Tell us about each of your creative outlets and how you got in to them.

I’ve just completed my bachelor degree in Entertainment Management in Music. I currently manage two-band’s (Fierce Mild & Hideous Towns). I’m a curator for Leaps and Bounds Music Festival, which I was lucky enough to get assigned through my degree here in Melbourne. I’ve curated four showcases for the festival: a hiphop show, a jangle pop show, a live techno show, and the biggest being a psychedelic and shoegaze showcase with a ten-band bill at The Corner Hotel called Tonal Shift.

I also do monthly radio slots on Triple R on the Graveyard Shift (2am-6am) it is the wee hours of the morning but I love sharing music through the radio airwaves and getting the occasional call in from listeners.

What do you like about radio?

As I’m based in community radio, it is super sweet. You don’t really have any rules and you can play whatever you feel like and having no commercial advertisement is always plus for a listener. It’s all about the music!

How important is live music to you?

Live music is a special thing, it is an outlet where you never know what to expect from a band or artists when they play live compared to how they have been mixed and mastered on a record in a studio. It’s also a stress relief for some people, so I highly recommend going and seeing more live music.

What’s the best way to find new music?

The internet has helped music in a big way, with making it easier to find smaller unique bands or artists from all over the world. I’m big on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, music blogs, record stores, and of course sharing with friends and finding out new music through them.

What’s it like balancing a burgeoning creative career?

My time management is pretty crazy at the moment. Sometimes at work, I’ll be sweatin’ about an email that I’ve probably received and won’t be able to check for a few hours. Although it is nice to do something else and Hype is a rad environment to work in because you can listen to music all day anyway.

Are you surrounded by creative people?

Yeah, luckily enough I have been. Where I’m from (Ocean Grove) I’ve seen friends make music and be able to have it as their main income, and seeing them travel the world and play music is amazing. I’m not quiet there yet as a manger but that’s a dream of mine for sure.

Do you have creative outputs besides music?
I’m real big on skateboarding and find it as a massive relaxation going for a roll with your homies. I also love photography but I’m pretty bad at it.

What big projects have you got coming up that you’re excited about?

I’m excited for my showcases during Leaps and Bounds Music Festival that runs from July 1 until July 17. Mine are on the 1st, 9th, 10th, and 14th if you want to have a look on the website. I’m also pretty hyped to put on some more showcases once I’m done with Leaps and Bounds. And finally, I can’t wait to help the bands I manage put their debut records out later this year.

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