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Ahhhhhh…the H-word. It’s probably one of the dirtiest words in popular culture right now, I know I’ve definitely been in trouble for throwing it at the bearded face of the wrong, ironic-tee-wearing person. Whatever, it’s just a fucking word, right? Uh…WRONG (as I swiftly learned). Though we all have our own thoughts on the term ‘hipster’, (eg a friend of mine solemnly swears that every single person who lives in Melbourne’s Northside is a hipster and wears skinny jeans, rides a fixie and has a Macbook. EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the Northside), here’s an interesting offering from Pharrell’s iamOTHER video series, Stereotypes, where Ryan Hall dredges the streets of NYC to find the real meaning of the term ‘hipster’. It almost seems like a pointless exercise trying to define the term, especially when most people don’t actually care (hipsters being the exception), but the video is entertaining nonetheless…