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There is something in each and every human that compels us to keep our private/important/sentimental/illegal shit in a shoebox. No matter how many containers, boxes, or cases we have, that adidas Originals box that’s been gathering dust under your bed is going to win out errytime.

The team at The Mandem Safe have solved the issue that shoeboxes aren’t exactly thief or snoop proof, by creating a shoebox that is a safe. Safe. This dope new creation features a 5mm steel interior, a cam lock and key and holes in the base so the safe can be secured to the floor.

The Mandem Safe is a classic orange Nike shoe box but as their business expands we may see some other options emerge, for anyone who wants their security to match their brand-loyalty.

Take a closer look in the gallery above and head to their website for full details.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

Weekly updates