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A label by the people for the people

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JUDAH. is a community. From humble beginnings in late 2016, the crew has grown ten-fold. The partners, friends, sisters, and cousins that are part of the JUDAH.Tribe take the foreground in the label’s current collection. Shot in the Melbourne CBD by Wilhelm Philipp, the lookbook is an ode to individual strength and beauty. We figured it was high-time we caught up with The Man Behind The Mask to talk inclusivity and the premise behind JUDAH.Tribe.

Who is JUDAH.?

JUDAH. is a feeling. It is a lifestyle. It grew from the concept of freedom, individuality and inclusivity. If your intentions are pure, there will always be a place in the tribe.

Can you tell us about the creative process behind your current collection?

The JUDAH. community is comprised of all people from all walks of life: all races, all genders.

Unlike most of our campaigns which have featured mostly male tribe members, we wanted to highlight and champion the strong women of the tribe. The purpose of this collection wasn’t made clear until the final stages – when we planned the shoot. We realised its purpose was to not only showcase the amazing women in the lookbook. Rather, how the women in our lives are proactive in our statement that HER mind, body and spirit is beautiful, abled and treasured… no matter what this patriarchal society deems acceptable. JUDAH. is for the fight for the social, political and economic equality of genders.

The motifs embroidered across the fronts of the garments (crew necks and tees) were designed by a homie within the tribe whose part within this subculture has been highly misrepresented in the community.

What does JUDAH. sound like?

To me, JUDAH. is more than just one sound. When I hear JUDAH., I hear a growing idea. I hear an unfinished playlist that will continue to add sounds as it grows. Sometimes JUDAH. sounds like ‘Welcome To Jamrock’ by Damien Marley, while tomorrow JUDAH. may sound like ‘Zombie’ by Fela Kuti.

Have you got anything in the pipes at the moment?

Always. We are currently curating our Love Your Neighbour art exhibition in Tokyo which takes place at the end of this month, curated by one of JUDAH.Tribes’ creative directors, DOC-G. The focus of this exhibition is to create a lasting bridge between the two scenes and bring the underground Tokyo art scene together, exploring the concepts and ideas around mutual respect and love

This will be run in-conjunction, with Space Jam(Montanasa), an event incorporating a BBOY battle, performance from our boys AGUNG MANGO and 3K, and live art. Gonna be a wild trip with the crew.

JUDAH.’s new collection and website drop tonight at 8PM AEST.

Creative Direction: Raffael and DOC-G
Photography: Wilhelm Philipp
Models: Charlotte Frimpong, Aki Yaguchi, Jaeshi Bacatan, and Sam Denny

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