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Weekly updates

Started with a beanie, now we’re here. Hellz Bellz is showing us how to turn a fashion pun embroidered on a beanie into a full-blown unisex streetwear collection–take that, Comme Des Fuckdown! It’s called Junya Mafia, a mash-up reference to Japanese menswear designer Junya Watanabe and 90s hip-hop collective Junior Mafia. Using a monochromatic color scheme, lots of fashion references and even more religious references they’ve created a collection a lot of streetwear cats might like. Just think of a portrait of Biggie portrayed as a Catholic saint and the ubiquitous Comme Des Garcon heart turned into a hot air balloon. We’re not sure if these are satirical observations about today’s pop culture or just stuff the Hellz Bellz team thinks is cool. Either way, I’d like a pair of those sweatpants with the Biggie portrait on the knees, please.

Dwayne L. Yates