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Kenzo unveil celebrity-filled new Fall/Winter 2016

What is real within social media and modern day celebrity?

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With the increase of technology and social media, consumers are given a constant look into the world of celebrities. We are closer than ever to the lives of our idols – whether it’s through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and now Snapchat, most of our lives are inundated with celebrity news. This is where our relationship with them, and the boundary between our lives and theirs, starts to get complicated.

This blurring is explored in Kenzo’s new comedic short film ‘The Realest Real’, where we are introduced to “the Institute of the Real and Really Real” by actor Mahershala Ali. The film takes on a surrealist quality as it follows Abby, played by Laura Harrier, around an eerie office workplace that is occupied by celebrities such as Natasha Lyonne, Rowan Blanchard, and Kim Gordon. Writer and director Carrie Brownstein wanted to create a humorous “look at the invisible digital walls that separate us from our favourite personalities and icons”.

The full short film will premier on September 13 and is a part of Kenzo’s Fall/Winter 2016 campaign, which is released today. You can check out the trailer above.

  • Words: Eleanor Beardsell

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