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Adidas have released the first look of the Ultra Boost ‘Triple Black’ edition answering the call for an all-black edition of their high performing model. There’s been quite a furore around why the Boost midsoles are always white, which has led to spawning some creative home made solutions from passionate sneaker fans. There’s a very reasonable explanation for this, the memory of the colour coatings are not as responsive as the Boost material itself, so it would sacrifice the rebound of the shoe as a whole. Adidas have heard the cries for colour and have now quenched the thirst for all the DIY-ers.

The ‘Triple Black’ silhouette comes with the usual Prime Knit Upper, Boost mid sole and Continental tread with but with zero colour. It’s unclear how they’ve done it, perhaps they watched a video or used a really big Nikko Pen, but what we do know is that you can stop getting your hands dirty. There’s no release date or prices for these yet, so we can only hope the paint on our current DIY pair last until these hit stores. Check them out above.

Weekly updates