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Weekly updates

Now I don’t want to paint a wrong picture here that Australia is tiny but it is a little smaller than, let’s say, America so even when you don’t know the guy personally, it’s always nice to see a local making it big overseas. That’s how I feel about Chima Ferguson.

But enough about #feelings and more about shoes. Chima’s new signature Vans shoe, the CHIMA PRO was announced last week and today they hit Australian retail stores.

Available in four classic colourways – red, black, grey and hawaiian blue with brown leather signature detailing.¬†Featuring thick canvas uppers, a single-wrap, pro vulc construction and ultra crush lite footbeds. To those who skate, that will make sense and to those who don’t, maybe you should but don’t worry they’ll still make you look good.

Watch Chima’s own testimonial above and scroll through to scope the product.