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Kylie Jenner drops a behind-the-scenes teaser video for that risqué calendar shoot

Teams up with Terry Richardson for her most bawdy shoot yet

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No diss, Kylie Jenner is in a world of her own. Not only does the brunette (blonde, pastel) bombshell rock the ubiquitous scroll of Tumblr on a daily basis, she also has her own app. Like, damn. Am I that outdated? When did social media megastars jump from Instagram profiles to having their very own smartphone app?

But I digress. Ms Jenner just keeps on keeping on. She recently posted a teaser clip for her upcoming risqué calendar shoot, which saw her team up with the king of portraits, Terry Richardson. What can we expect? Lollipops, silver lipstick, evil queen outfits and a full-grown Indian python just to name a few. Without seeing the finished product, we already have hope that Kylie’s shoot sets off a precedence of much more awesome and positive things to come in ’17. Check out the clip above to get a taste of what’s to come. Or visit Kylie’s official website to check out her collection of previous shoots, glam tutorials and fashion tips as well as pictures of Tyga, who’s just happy to be there.

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