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Ask anyone about me and they’ll vouch for my unhealthy addiction to shoes. And while I tend to know better nowadays, I still can’t resist a pair of unconventional, probably incredibly uncomfortable and impractical yet AMAZING shoes. Like these.

London based artist and designer Cat Potter has created these amazing shoes, which basically encase your feet in an architectural block of wood. And if you think they look pretty futuristic, it’s because they are. Potter used a 3D scanner to create the feet moulds around which the wooden structures were designed. Opening with a contrasting metal hinge and held together with a simplistic pin lock, these shoes are pretty spectacular.

Not sure how I’d fare in them on any given day but hey, a girl can dream. Cat Potter’s ‘Freja’ and ‘Pernilla’ styles are currently on display as part of the ‘Future Stars?’ exhibition at Aram Gallery in London until October 24.


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